Information About The Organization 's Inter / National Philanthropy

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Information regarding community service programs, including information about the organization’s inter/national philanthropy
Establishing a culture of global citizenship among our members is an important way Kappa encourages women to make a difference. When it comes to philanthropic endeavors, we put an emphasis on service to others and raising funds. Like HWS students, our members find inspiration in creating a better environment that affects positive change.
Our philanthropic ideology focuses on efforts in three areas: local organizations, Reading Is Fundamental and the Kappa Kappa Gamma
We know inspiration often comes from personal connections. We encourage our chapters to assist local organizations that hold special meaning for them. Whether it’s supporting agencies that benefit women, organizations that work with children, or any number of other causes, you’ll find Kappas making a difference in the community.
For example, members from our chapter at Alleghany College planned a free event for children in the Head Start program. The kids and their families celebrated the holiday season with themed activities, such as photos with Santa and Rudolph, reading sessions, arts and crafts, dancing, and playing small board games. Each child left the event with a donated, hand-carved wooden toy.
In our desire to strengthen the youth of the surrounding communities and prepare them for the future, Kappa formed a national partnership with Reading
Is Fundamental (RIF), an…

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