Information About Policy, Electoral And Other Preferences And Behaviors Of Individuals Or Organizations

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Opinion polls and opinion surveys include all systematic gathering, aggregating and interpretation of information about policy, electoral and other preferences and behaviours of individuals or organizations using the statistical and analytical methods and techniques of the applied social sciences in order to gain insight and support decision-making. In opinion research, as in all market research, the identity of respondents will not be revealed without explicit consent and no sales approach, or attempt to influence their opinion following the interview, will be made to respondents as a direct result of their having provided information.
Researcher is defined as any individual, institute or organization carrying out, or acting as a consultant on, an opinion poll or research project.
Research client is defined as any individual or organization that requests, commissions, sponsors or subscribes to all or any part of an opinion poll or research project. This can include a media organization or a political group, as well as those who have purchased content on an omnibus survey.
Respondent is defined as any individual or organization from which information is requested and/or collected for the purposes of an opinion poll or research project.
Interview is defined as any form of contact with a respondent in order to collect information for opinion research purposes.
Pre-election polls are conducted at any point prior to an election and include questions about voting intention.…

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