Influenza Vaccination : Vaccine For Public And Health Care Providers

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Influenza vaccinations eliminate preventable infections. This paper will explore flu vaccine from various points of view such as the following; naming 1) the effectiveness; 2) Vaccine for health care providers; 3) Pandemic preparedness for public and health care providers; 4) Little to no protection. Various articles contemplate between vaccinations, whether they are beneficial for health and well-being; or for the benefit of health services. Vaccination are not only a benefit through protecting the public
Vaccinations do not only provide benefit, but can also have an effectiveness against the strain through protection. Considering the effectiveness “influenza is difficult to forecast, as it can change as it spreads” (Robinson, M., 2014) therefore, preparing the vaccination when a different strain develops helps increase vaccinations and decreases potential outbreaks. “Vaccines take six to eight months to prepare” (Robinson, M., 2014) by executing the strain you are then providing the public the opportunity to benefit from causing further distribution of the strain (promoting health and well-being). For the public’s interest of vaccination you will present on how to maintain and provide the effectiveness of receiving an influenza vaccination (beneficence). By not proceeding or providing a vaccination to an individual you are recognizing the people’s beliefs and decision through respecting the person’s choice (Promoting and respecting informed decision making). “People who…

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