Essay about Influential Artists Of The 20th Century

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Spanish expatriate Pablo Picasso was one of the greatest and most influential artists of the 20th century, as well as the co-creator of Cubism. As a Spanish Artist/ Painter, he was famous for his artworks. He was born on October 25, 1881; with his parents José and Maria. He also created different forms of artwork through different periods of his life. He was important, because he influenced artist to this day of how art was seen in the world, his creation of Cubism, and the legacy, that is never ending, has carried for future artist.
Pablo Picasso, as a young child, seemed to possess a pair of eyes that were destined for greatness. He had a prodigious talent for drawing at a very young age. He was so talented at drawing and art, that he surpassed his father at the age of thirteen. Next, Picasso wasn’t an academic type of person, he always doodled and was also sent to a calaboose (a bare cell with walls). As he remembered; “I liked it there because I took along a sketch pad and drew incessantly … I could have stayed there forever, drawing without stopping.” When he was around fourteen years-old, he moved to Barcelona, Spain with his parents. He was so extraordinary that he was granted an exception and got accepted to the city’s prestigious School of Fine Arts. Furthermore, even though he attended the school, he began to skip classes so that he could roam the streets of Barcelona and drew what he saw in the city. In 1897, when Picasso was sixteen-years-old, he attended the…

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