influences on parliament Essay

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Influences on Parliament
Pressure Groups
Pressure groups are organisations of people who believe in the same cause. They have strongly held views and wish to influence some aspect of society. Groups of people working together usually have more effect than individuals. Pressure groups have the right to criticise the government, hold meetings, protest and make their views known by using the media. They have the responsibility to base their criticisms on facts and their meetings should be peaceful and legal. They should inform local authorities and the police when they’re making a protest. They also have the responsibility not to intimidate other people. Pressure groups use a variety of methods such as the internet, letters, lobbying,
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It was enacted as a response to Council Directive 95/46, which required greater controls over the storage and processing of personal data than were contained in the Data Protection Act 1984.
Law Commission/ reform agencies
The Law Commission was set up in 1965. It is an independent body made up of five experienced qualified lawyers. The independent body was set up to consider areas of law which need reform. The government may specifically ask the Law Commission to look at certain areas of law, or they may select areas they will research themselves. The Law Commission will look at the law and produce a report for the government. They research the area of law that has been identified and then produce a consultation paper to give to the government. This will outline the possible reforms and improvements. Following on from this, the Law Commission will then draw up actual proposals for reform and present them in a report. The Law Commission may attach a bill with the report. This sets out exactly how the new law should be. The bill will then be presented to parliament and may become a law (providing is passes the necessary stages in parliament). The Law Commission can also change whole areas of law and identify old laws which are no longer used. It is clear that the Law Commission has a direct influence of parliament as a law maker. They identify areas of law which need to be improved, modernised, repealed and change. They then will

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