Influences Of Socialization In Life

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I was not born knowing that I would love music and that I would love to play the drums for hours a day. I was not born with the ability to know how to speak or to know if somebody was being sarcastic or not. I was also not born with the belief that women and men aren’t treated as equals and should be. I would have had to learn these things from somewhere. I would have had to learn these things through socialisation. Socialisation is the process of interacting with other people and learning the social norms, the basic expectations of living life. There are different major agents of socialisation, which are the biggest aspects of socialisation you
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However, in my case it is not. Values are similar to ethics, they influence a persons sense of what is right or wrong through emotions like sympathy and empathising or rationally and scientifically. For example, some people do not believe that animals should be experimented on as they can feel pain and it is cruel and inhumane. Others value caring for the environment as it can effect the human race negatively if not treated with care. My values are influenced by mass media, where I can be exposed to different cultures or in my case my ideal role models and their views, values, ethics and morals. A role model is somebody who you can look up to and be inspired by such as your parents. An ideal role model however, is a celebrity or somebody that you do not know personally. For me I look up to many celebrities and I have a few ideal role models that influence my values. For example, when I was growing up I was never introduced to the idea of feminism and that males and females are not treated equally. This was because my parents were never introduced to this in their time and therefore they did not bring it up with me. However, through mass media exposing me and connecting me more to my ideal role models, I have found out about this and now it is one of the things that I like to fight for and that I truly believe in. Also, I have never been exposed to the LGBT community because of my

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