Essay on Influences Of Sexual Behaviors : The Theory Of Natural Law

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Influences of Sexual Behaviors
Throughout the course of history, natural law inadvertently created a culture that in and of itself bears a certain level of responsibility in shaping the sexual behaviors of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) populations. The principles of natural law as standards have been applied to theories of ethics, politics, civil law, and religious morality (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, 2011). Digress to 636c, and the dialogs of Plato, who’s writing first articulate central ideas of natural law. In Book One of Plato 's Laws, he describes opposite-sex sex acts as pleasurable by nature while same-sex sexuality is unnatural (The Project Gutenberg, 2008). Such views became interwoven into the theory of natural law; thus, from the early beginning created a cultural stigma against homosexuality. Although attitudes concerning same-sex relations vary across time, place, and culture, in most Western societies homosexuality was deemed a stark paradox that went against the theory of natural law.
Cultural Factors
For centuries there have been efforts to ban homosexuality and punish gays and lesbians for nothing more than their sexual orientation; subsequently, homosexuality became a closeted lifestyle (New York University Department of Sociology, 2013). Theoretically speaking, prehistoric thinking led to identification concealment; thus, the LGBT population adopted the talents of a chameleon in an effort to camouflage their sexual…

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