Influences Of Culture And Diversity, Social Policy And Interprofessional Team- Working

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There are many factors that can influence and impact on an individual’s daily life. Many of these factors can combine together to affect the health an individual (, 2016). This essay will critically discuss the influences that Culture and Diversity, social policy and Interprofessional Team- Working have on the chosen character, Auntie Suzie. This will be done by drawing on my personal experiences of working collaboratively with my subgroup, whilst making references to literature and legislation. Each of the three themes, in turn, will be studied to identify the key influences that they may have on the chosen character. All reasoning and evidence will be backed up by current literature to strengthen the discussion.
As a sub group, consisting of myself and five others, we were given the task of researching a case study and choosing a character to discuss. The case is based around the couple Amita and Jacob. They are in their early thirty’s and moved to England six years ago. They have a four year old daughter, Eva, who has Down’s syndrome, and are expecting their second child. Amita is worried that passive smoke from Jacob, who smokes twenty cigarettes a day, will affect the development of the new baby. They live in a one-bedroom flat that is in poor repair and is situated close to a main road. Jacobs’s elderly Auntie Suzie has suffered a recent bereavement and has moved closer to the family. Amita and Jacob are concerned that Suzie may have early signs of dementia due…

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