Influence Of The Modern Olympic Games Movement Essay

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Many factors were vital influences upon the modern Olympic Games movement from 1892 to 2002. Political interests in the late 20th century were one such factor that shaped this movement. While the Olympics were originally intended to bring together the international community (which was the reason that Pierre de Coubertin wished to reinstate the games from ancient times), but they were also responsible for sparking intense competition between Olympians and their supporting countries as they strived to come out on top and flaunt their country’s power and fertility. Secondly, the Olympics also opened up an opportunity for economic gain and opulence. Host countries and companies that advertised in the games were given a chance to obtain financial prosperity and economic growth. As countries and companies exploited this opportunity (or in some cases refrained from exploiting it), they left a colossal impact on the modern Olympics Movement. International trade was promoted as the games were able to help countries like Japan become world trade powers and to offer companies worldwide a chance to advertise to a global audience. Thirdly, as movements for women’s rights and social equality began and continued throughout the 20th century, female athletes began to enter the Olympics. Women had to be psychologically resilient as well as physically strong to earn a spot in the games, but over time, more and more female athletes decided to join. In this way women’s rights were a heavy…

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