Influence Of The Early Modern Era Essay

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“A world together, a world apart” is a great quote to explain how the early modern era had changed especially for the better. The time of the early modern era was a very busy time for renewal, growth and expansion. This era is very important in our history because it was the beginning of a lot of new things such as sciences, the arts, spreading of cultural values and practices. As well as the breaking off of religions and formations of new and old religions. There are lots of significant events that helped shape the early modern era but the 3 most important events would be The Religious Reformations, The rise of the Scientific Worldview, as well as the Globalization in the Atlantic World. This is because they all had a big impact on the way people had thought, acted and seen the world.

The Religious Reformations had a great impact on shaping the early modern era because this was the time for re-shaping Christianity and politics. The Reformations had impacted the way people had viewed the Roman Catholic Church, which the Roman Catholics were not very happy about. Martin Luther had played a big role in this, because he had showed people that the Roman Catholic Church were deceiving them and taking advantage of the bible while using it for their own good. Out of this, Lutheran Protestantism had been born along with a few other reformations, such as the English Reformation; Anglicanism, the Swiss Reformation; Calvinism, as well as the Counter-Reformation; the reformation of…

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