Essay Influence of Television Programs on Children

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11 October 2010 Influence of Television Programs on Children Before there was television, children had options of playing outside, playing board games, or doing simple activities like reading or drawing. Now that TV exists to a high extremity, it has become apparent that nowadays these children shows have surpassed physical and intellectual activities and have now become a way of life for children. We now see children wearing clothing, playing video games, playing with toys, and watching movies featuring famous characters that started off as mere creations that starred on half-hour to one hour long programs. Whether it is a positive or
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This show has drawn quite the anticipation in Nigeria and even allowed the Nigerian people to vote on a name for the blue furry Muppet (“This Day” n.pag). With the ongoing advancement of technology and improvement of shows made for children, it can only be wondered how long until the next animated phenomenon is created. Although these television shows have obviously been globalized, they also lead to the question of if the impact they have had on children can truly be seen as constructive or harmful. Many people have questioned whether or not children shows are in fact engaging the minds of young kids and teaching them various ways to look at life or, in contrast, poisoning their minds and encouraging them into bad choices and presenting an overall negative effect on their life outside of watching the television.
In a Boston periodical, The Jewish Advocate, Lauren Kramer views a theory brought by Dr. Kathy Hirsh-Pasek, director for the infant-language laboratory at Temple University. Pasek develops the idea of the “Six C’s” which creates a recipe for success in young children. These “Six C’s” are: collaboration with others, communication, content, creative, and confidence (Kramer n.pag). Pasek goes on to discuss that none of these can be seen or adapted by watching television. She also states that while content may be seen while watching TV it is really just a quick fix and will not benefit children in the long run

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