Romanticism Influence On Society

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Romanticism was an art movement that originated from the 18th century, starting in the 1750s and lasting until the 1890s. The style was a rejection of classical art and a reaction against neoclassicism, and the main focus of this artistic movement was to convey an emotion through their paintings and literature. They believed in staying true to their emotions and putting it down on paper. It emphasized the individuality of the artist. The artwork from this period of time was full of emotion and imagination. They focused on creating horror, nature and mythical scenes. It was a rebellion against Neoclassicism and the restrictions that it had in relation to the artwork created under this movement. They didn’t want to be restrained by the rules of conventional art of the time. The content and subject matter of …show more content…
The themes of many cartoons are inspired by Romanticism, for example the use of supernatural/mythological creatures in the shows, monsters etc. Many animated TV shows and movies have drawn inspiration from it, either in their show content or in the way the artwork is drawn. For example in the cartoon Invader Zim, which is animated by Jhonen Vasquez. The show ran from March 30th 2001 to August 19th 2006. The show Invader Zim is about an alien that was sent to Earth to take over the human race, so he disguises himself as a human and attends school while one of his classmates called Dib tries to prove that Zim is an alien. The style that Invader Zim is drawn in is a unique art style, with dark, dull colours and unrealistic body proportions. The art style could be considered unconventional and different just like how Romanticism was considered to be at the time. The bodies of the characters can be broken down into simple shapes like circles, triangles and squares. It goes against all basic rules of anatomy and uses unrealistic body

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