Structural-Functionalist View Of Religion

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Religion depends on society and society depends on religion. Religion brings society a value and significance. Sociologists analyze religion using three verifying perspectives: structural-functionalism, conflict theory, and the symbolic-interactionist perspective. Structural perceives religion for what it truly is which a social interaction and control belief. Whereas conflict, sees religion as a social discrimination and symbolic also sees religion as a social interaction. When a person walks down the street wearing a cross around their neck, Christians see this individual as a fellow follower. If a person sees an individual practicing Wicca, they shun them. Why? For the reason that it’s not the socially accepted form of religion.
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By this conflict theorists mean the public use religion to be better than other people. Such as those who own the church, they portray themselves as superior compared to those attending since they own the church. The reason behind this is because religion is a hugely significant part to many individual’s concepts of themselves; occasionally there is tension in the middle of other religions in our society or even within a specific practice. There happens to be certain churches that have confidence in that they are further into their religion compared to others because of their symbolic standing on others. Mega churches versus insignificant churches have been a part of many arguments. Mega churches firmly believe that they have an enhanced knowledge of their religion because they have more followers and a bigger place of worship. While mega churches may have a larger follower count and a much larger place of worship, the insignificant churches have a stronger bond with their fellows and have a far better understanding of their religion. The insignificant churches are more concerned about their religion than their symbolic standing in society. When a church puts their symbolic standing before their religion, it becomes a competition instead of a community. When society becomes a competition over religion, it causes those who are firm believers to rethink what they have put their faith in. They put their faith into a religion for the community and comfort it is supposed to give a person. Although in most cases, religion is used for the competition of being better than the rest of the

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