Influences Rape Culture

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The Influence of Rape Culture

“Why couldn’t you just keep your legs closed?” Why couldn’t you just “push your bottom into the sink to avoid penetration?” Those were the questions that were asked by Canadian Judge Robin Camp, who is now being scrutinized and possibly stripped of his title after he uttered those specific words to a victim of a rape case. Sexual assault cases have had the spotlight shining down on them for some time now, especially since feminist movements focusing on women’s issues have become increasingly popular. According to the Merriam Webster dictionary, rape is defined as “unlawful sexual activity and usually sexual intercourse carried out forcibly or under the threat of injury against the will, usually of a female, or
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As unfair trials and practices come to light, they immediately gain a foothold in social media nationwide. Whether people are on Twitter or on Facebook, they’re reading about highly publicized sexual assault cases and the manner in which they’re being conducted. People aren’t afraid to use their voices online, and they use them strongly. Because of all the commotion that’s made on social media, it gives us a sense of fulfillment, that maybe typing out opinions and hitting the send button will make a difference; but when it comes to what’s actually happening inside courtrooms, is it really making a difference? Well, if you’ve been to, a petition website, lately, you can find a petition with 100,000 signatures for the removal of the judge in Brock Turner’s case, the college student from Stanford that was sentenced to a mere six months in jail but only served three for assaulting an unconscious woman. Also, since Rape Shield Laws have been enacted, it has made headway for rape victims, as it offers legal protection from using their sexual past against them, as well as protection from having their name released. This new law allowed victims of sexual assault to come forward without fear of being slut-shamed. may actually be able to make a difference with just an electronic signature, and enacting laws are one step closer to a just trial; however, what’s really keeping sexual assault …show more content…
According to Gale Student Resources, it “refers to the belief system of a society that allows or encourages rape” and will actually point the finger back at the victim for getting raped. Rape and sexual assaults have become so normalized in the media and entertainment, people will actually blame the victim, call her a liar, or blame it on her circumstances (whether she was intoxicated, what clothes was she wearing, where she was at, etc.). The remarks that were made by Judge Robin Camp are a perfect example of rape culture. If one man, who oversees trials as a career and is in charge of providing justice, can think that way, I can only imagine what “rape culture” thoughts invade the minds of others. Surprisingly only two to ten percent of sexual assault cases are reported to be false (NSVRC). This statistic reflects how rape culture in society can be prevalent in instilling false accusations into the minds of those with power to make a change, such as a judge. In other words, this false perception of rape victims, brought on by the media and news, is the reason why I don’t believe much progress is being

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