Influence Of Popular Media And News Coverage Essay

1824 Words Nov 18th, 2015 null Page
Major technological advances in our time have allowed us to reach an unprecedented level of mass communication and media. This new connection with the world around us has given us a sense of freedom yet also promote a set of dangers – latent dysfunctions which, unless exposed and changed, will turn our media into a platform for victim blaming and trivializing sexual abuse. I believe that mass media helps perpetuate rape culture and, in this paper, I will examine the influence of popular media and news coverage to further solidify my argument. To fully understand the concepts in which I am discussing, I will clarify the definitions of mass communication and rape culture. Mass communication can be considered the “message transmission from a small group of people with more power than a large group of people to who they communicate with”1. Our current technology allows these messages to be broadcasted all over the world, reaching far bigger audiences than ever before. Lynn Phillips, a lecturer within the University of Massachusetts Communication’s faculty, describes rape culture as “a culture in which dominant culture ideologies, media images, social practices, and societal institutions support and condone sexual abuse by normalizing, trivializing and eroticizing male violence against women and blaming victims for their own abuse"2 . The era of globalization has allowed us to connect, share and view information from anywhere in the world. This, however, also opens us to the…

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