Essay on Influence Of Popular Culture On Society

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According to J Z Smith, the reason that these facets of culture were given the term religion is to give scholars a way to categorize these facets for academic purposes. There was never a consensus reached for a universal definition of religion. As a result, the definition of religion is incredibly ambiguous.
This ambiguity leads to many scholars giving their own interpretation of what constitutes as religion, as well as what actions would be considered as religious. The traditionalist point of view is associated with the transcendent. However, the interpretations of religion would eventually make their way back into the realm of secular culture, specifically popular culture.
There seems to be little doubt among academia that popular culture has the ability to influence the thoughts and actions of people that engage themselves in it. The question remains as to what this phenomenon should be called. While the stories have captured the minds and hearts of the audiences, the religiosity of Star Wars is lost on the majority of its followers. Much research has been conducted by scholars on the religious elements of the movies, as well as the connections and parallels that they have with traditional, established religions.
Even so, not much has been conducted when it comes to the effects that it has on its viewers and followers. These scholars will acknowledge that Star Wars contains parallels to traditional religion. However, they do not see Star Wars as capable of…

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