Influence Of Popular Culture By Robert Trussell Essays

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In the article, Scholars Spend As Much Time With "The Love Boat" As With Shakespeare, by Robert Trussell, he argues on how the importance of popular culture is overlooked by scholars who claim it does not meet academic requirements. Trussell explains the effects of popular culture and how they change culture itself. Although it is commonly under heavy criticism from scholars who view it as trivial, he believes that popular culture should be studied in the way past culture is studied today. Despite people 's opinions on it, I agree with Trussell, popular culture has importance and it should be comprehended as it is what drives American culture.

Why is popular culture important? Why should we bother picking apart something that’s intended for entertainment? Popular culture reflects the public opinion of the time and affects our thoughts about everything. Pop culture reflects our society and our society reflects pop culture. Homophobia, racism, sexism, and many other prejudices are often portrayed in comic books, movies, and television. Prejudices such as these deserve to be discussed, as to how and why they are portrayed and how we can use them as examples to fix the prejudices we face in real life. Robert J. Thompson, who wrote "Adventures on Prime Time: The Television Programs of Stephen J. Carnell, says "I was interested in trying to demonstrate that this stuff we generally don’t take seriously at all, that we kind of wrote off as highly popular but really just…

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