African American Interview Research Paper

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The person I chose to do my interview-based essay on was none other than my Grandfather Rufus G. Little SR. The reason why I chose him is because he has so much wisdom and always tells his grandkids stories from his past experiences in life. He was born on September 14, 1943. When it comes to living life and knowing about different famous history events I felt like he would have the most impassionate responses and I could learn a lot more from someone who actually experienced these things rather than getting the facts from a book telling me what they think the majority of people felt during these times. Like I said prior my grandfather lived throughout the civil rights movement and severed in the Vietnam War as a drafted solider. So I gave him the option of picking which one would he like to be interviewed on. He said its probalaly much easier to answer questions …show more content…
Like according to “The Vietnam War was complicated, and students can have a hard time understanding the complex political issues as well as comprehending the emotions felt by U.S. soldiers and the American public.” Showing, that all the mixed emotion my grandfather had spoken of was not only him but throughout the country people all around couldn’t pick a wrong or right side it was more of a what and why rather than confirmed answers. The conflicts that had also happen such as the protest with college students that ended in tragic matters, was a testament to my grandfather saying what exactly where they fighting for, because the war only seem to divide the country up more than it already was. He also relates to all the drafted soldiers who didn’t know what to expect during their time serving in Vietnam because of the mistreatment of blacks in this country, they couldn’t imagine how it would be over

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