Influence of Internet and E-Commerce in International Business

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Influence of Internet and E-commerce in international business


Commencing from 20th century, enormous use of Internet was witnesses in all the fields with a major impact on international business. Although the Internet and web 2.0 serve as improving trend of economy and business, there is negligible research done to advocate their impacts on international business and marketing (Urban, 2003). The present literature review essay is an attempt to address the gap of existing literature whereby necessary recommendations can be made to improve use of technology in business. For the purpose of this essay, extant literatures in the fields of international business, technology, science, marketing and e-commerce have been
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While this was the case study dedicated to Canada, research was also conducted in other parts of World including Australia, Switzerland, Germany, Europe and United Kingdom by Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development and their observations reported that the use of Internet for business has been increasing over the years with more firms relying on Internet to advertise and sell their products.382. Further, online banking and mode of purchase with online transactions is more common (OECD, 2009) within small scale organisations having over ten employees. Millions of businesses across the globe use web as major source of potential international business and find it comfortable to deal it with growing e-commerce technology (OECD, 2009).

Overall, Internet has made the potential of international business to improve and increase over the time and the majorly reported consequences of Internet in international business are (Franke and Schreier, 2010):

• Improvement in elastic supply chains with increase efficiency depending upon the need of product or process being sold.

• Increasing global distribution of product and business process thus enabling easy diffusion of business across various geographical locations.

• Improved customer service and enhanced

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