Influence Of Humanism As A System As Well As The Multicultural And Diversity Considerations When Working With Clients

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This paper will review humanism as one of the three “major waves” of psychology. It will highlight key contributors as well as their major concepts. This paper will also discuss the influence of humanism influenced the field of psychology in the past, how it is influencing it in the present and how it could influence it in the future. There will be a discussion of support for humanism as a major system of psychology but also criticism of the system overall. Lastly, this paper will highlight the strengths and limitations of humanism as a system as well as the multicultural and diversity considerations when working with clients in a therapeutic setting.

Humanistic Psychology
Humanistic psychology was developed in response to behaviorism as well as psychoanalysis. It began to emerge around the 1960s (Benjamin, 2014). Humanistic psychology was referred to as the third force in psychology as it was an alternative to behaviorism and psychoanalysis. Humanism rejected the assumptions of behaviorism which is characterized as deterministic, focused on reinforcement of stimulus-response behavior and was heavily dependent on research with animals. Humanistic psychology also rejected the psychodynamic approach because it is also deterministic, with unconscious irrational and natural forces determining human thought and behavior. Both behaviorism and psychoanalysis are seen as dehumanizing by humanistic psychologists. It criticized those earlier…

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