Influence Of Hip Hop On The Political Socialization Of Minorities

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The Distinctive Influence of Hip Hop on the Political Socialization of Minorities

In the 1970s, hip hop started out as a small hobby in the housing projects of Bronx, New York. Over the past forty years the popularity of the Hip hop industry constantly expanded; started out in housing projects in urban community, then moved to the homes of all races in america, and now today Hip Hop is a global industry. When one thinks of rap music they relate it to violence and hypermasculinity. However, what many of these critics fail to realize is that hip hop also plays an gargantuan role in the political views of the listeners. Artists in the 90’s like Public enemy and mos def jump started a new branch of rap; political rap . So by looking at the concept of political socialization, the political role of hip hop in the 90’s and finally the political role of hip hop in the 2000’s and 2010’s, we will see how rap is parallel to minority political views. Political socialization is defined as “the process by which people learn to adopt the norms, values, attitudes and behaviours accepted and practiced by the ongoing system” (Bardes, 88). In layman terms, political socialization is how one gain their political views via several stimuli. Some of these stimuli include political views of one’s parents,community, church,friends,etc. But one of the most influential elements of political socialization is the media. Media has had an exponential growth in their influence over politics;…

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