The Influence Of Fast Food Advertising

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Children are the face of the future. However the rise of childhood obesity has effected the health of the next generation. According to the American Psychological Association 50% of the advertisements on children 's shows are made up of food ads and "these ads are almost completely dominated by unhealthy food products (34 percent for candy and snacks, 28 percent for cereal, 10 percent for fast food, 4 percent for dairy products, 1 percent for fruit juices, and 0 percent for fruits or vegetables)". Food advertisements that are targeted towards young children are beginning to influence their diet preferences of their everyday lives. In our American culture today, going to a fast food restaurant is no longer a special event, in fact for a typical …show more content…
According to an article online, “one-third of children and teens reported consuming fast food at least once a week" (Melnick). This is why targeting food ads towards young kids are becoming more concerning every day. One of the most manipulating advertisements that targets young children is McDonalds. More specifically three advertisements that target kids in today’s culture is the McDonalds minion commercial, the double stuffed Oreo twin girl’s commercial, and lastly the Mr. and Mrs. Potato head lays chips commercial. First I will begin with addressing one of our nation’s biggest fast food restaurant, McDonalds.

The McDonald 's Minion commercial was first aired on T.V in 2013, when the movie Despicable Me 2 first came out. The movie was a huge success and many kids loved the minions that was in the movie. McDonalds
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They also need to be stopped being advertised on children’s show as well. Advertisement on kid’s shows should be filled with education or they should be filled with a more healthy choice of foods. Kids are becoming more obese today and this is why America is known as the fattest country in the world. Parents can help to reduce the amount of junk foods their children eat by not allowing them to view as much T.V. They need to make sure they get their daily amount of exercise and they need to make sure they are consuming the right amount of healthy foods. As a nation we can reduce the amount of junk foods being advertised on television, we can personally make a difference together and help reduce one of America’s biggest problems, child

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