Influence Of Fashion In Popular Culture

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Register to read the introduction… Some wear more extravagant clothing articles, others a more humble attire. Often time’s people characterize the clothes in a store with a certain group. Some may say that the clothing from the brand American Eagle symbolizes a preppy group; where as the articles of clothing made by South Pole is typically a symbol of a more urban group.
A new sign in the system of clothing is skinny jeans. Although new to the market, skinny jeans were very popular in 80’s culture. Worn by women and men they have brought a new look into our culture of clothing by blending different styles. Skinny jeans on men are less accepted by our culture than skinny jeans on women. There are different types of skinny jeans, but they all serve the same purpose.
Short shorts have become a staple in summer attire for young women and girls. The popular culture these shorts fit into are ones located in warmer climates. Society has broken down the group in pop culture that is accepted by wearing these shorts. Even though they are aimed toward a younger age group, they still have to be a certain size to be appealing and not offensive. Many people of the older generation do not accept these shorts as well as many people of the younger generation do not accept these short shorts on larger
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It was worn originally by the people of popular culture during athletic activities. In its most raw form, athletic wear is a pair of gym shorts and a T-shirt or tank top. Over the years popular culture has transformed this symbol of clothing into much more. Not only is this attire something to wear while exercising, it is also a form of expressing ones devotion to a specific sports team.
A symbol for professionalism, business attire is a part of popular culture’s everyday routine. This symbol can range from a fast food joint uniform to a suit and tie. However when people think of business attire they automatically picture a suit and tie, not a McDonald’s uniform. In reality the clothing you wear to work is your business attire, whether it be a T-shirt, a button up, a pair of shorts, or a nice pair of slacks it all can be professional wear.
Baggy pants are a route in popular culture’s society. This style of clothing has been around for a very long period of time. It hasn’t been out of style since it was distastefully introduced into fashion. It has affected clothing by providing an unwanted stereotype to an unlawful citizen. Even though a 14 year old boy wears it as a fashion, society views him in a prejudicial way. What started out as a sex symbol in prison, baggy pants have become a staple in today’s street

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