Gender Influences On Fashion And Culture

Is fashion based upon gender roles and culture? Does it really matter on the way you dress? Well fashion is different in many ways. In many countries fashion is based on culture. Fashion is expressed in the way a person is dressed in public. Gender roles and culture has an effect on fashion. Fashion is influenced in our life styles.
As time has passed by in American culture, it has changed in many ways. In the past decades, students used to dress formally to go to class, but now students have many choices of new styles. Students don’t wear the casual dresses or suits now, they wear Nike, Adidas,Jordan, Gucci, Dockers, Victoria 's secret, Asos, and Eco brands. “In the 1920s, when women really broke away from dresses and matchy suits, and instead
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The most popular fashion styles for women are bombshell,bad girl,diva,gamine, and goddess. “The Bombshell look is about extreme, hyper-accentuated femininity:extra-red lips, extra-bright hair, extra-hourglass figure.”(Rebecca Odes 95) The bombshell looks are inspired by the mid-20th-century. “The BOMBSHELL CAN 'T NOT GET NOTICED.”(Rebecca Odes 95) Like Marilyn Monroe. The bad girl style is popular in rock, punk, and metal. The bad girl is based on “heavy black eyeliner or anything made out of black leather (a jacket,skirt,pants-even a cuff).” (Rebecca Odes 105) Jennifer Lopez is most recognized for using the diva style. The diva is looking for the new, high,luxurious trend. Divas wear super high heels, gold jewelry,fur, sunglasses,and a tiny bejeweled purse. They go to manicure their nails and straight their hair. The gamine is also known as the street kid in France. The gamine look starts with short hair, minimal makeup, no jewelry, boat-neck top,and cropped pants. It 's a simple, slim-fitting clothing style. The most common look is the goddess. The goddess is when women reveal some parts of her body and isn 't afraid to show off those curves. “There is a definite air of defiance to a modern Goddess-she is about celebrating the beauty of her body, not starving it into submission. She has plentiful curves and doesn 't apologize for them (in opposition to the thin-is-inaesthetic). Her look emphasizes ultra femininity …show more content…
First it started with leather jackets and now it 's mostly in everything. The new common fashion styles for men are swag, baller, hipster,street, punk,and country. The swagger is when you wear high expensive brands, like Jordans, Nike, Gucci, Diamond, Obey, and Versace. Most swaggers like to show off their jewelry. The baller is mostly known for wearing basketball shorts, shoes and a logo shirt. Brands like Nike, Jordans, Adidas, And1, and Under Armour. Hipsters wear new trendy outfits that is out of the ordinary.Not just any brands satisfies their needs, only brands, like Vans, Levi’s, Vintage, American Apparel, Fred Perry, and Pendleton. Street is a style that has a lot of different meanings, but to me street is just wearing a long plane or colored shirt with work pants or baggy jeans. Popular street brands are Dickies, Dockers, Proclub, Nike, Converse, and Adidas. Punk is wearing dark clothing from top to bottom and having jewelry, like spikes,chains, piercings, and studs. The top punk brands are Akumu Ink, Alkemie Apparel, Alpha Industries, and Banned Apparel. Country has been passed around throughout our generations that the style still lives on its reputation. It requires you to wear a button shirt with any type of jeans, boots and sometimes even a cowboy hat. Some brands are Corral Boots, Cinch, Cruel Girl, and Levi’s. Men 's fashion has extended a lot over a period of time that it has become a symbol of

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