Influence Of Family Messages

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It was a March morning when I came into this world. Of course being that young I don 't recall any memories other than the moments that I shared with my mother and father through their nurture. Although, when I reached the age of four, I discovered something about myself that classified me as a certain person; that being a girl. Furthermore, when I came to be that age I realized that my family also helped me become the girly girl that I am today, as well of what girls are expected to do.

Family Messages I am sure that my mother and father were taught about gender roles from their parents. However, I think that their upbring was very different from what I was exposed to. For starters, I would just like to mention the time period in which
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I noticed that some televised shows are targeted towards men, whereas others are more targeted to girls. For instance, Cartoon Network, home of the infamous cartoons that define our childhood. Powerpuff Girls is a perfect example, it showed ways in which girls should act when they are in a social setting, how they should respond to the time in need, how girls need to get approval from their male figures in life to anything, and how girls are supposed to talk. I think that someone 's tone of voice is a huge thing, but it almost always goes under the radar. Like, girls are always supposed to have a high girly voice, whereas boys are supposed to have a low voice. But I feel that, that is really misleading to many children, men and women out there. Then for boys you have Dexter 's Laboratory, the show only really mentions males, and how they are supposed to be into sciences and find out ways to save the human population. However, yet again that is very biased because no matter what gender you are, you can do anything. Furthermore, when I was a younger child I always found interest in TV shows that were directed towards guys, maybe it was because it was out of the norm on how I was expected to

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