Essay Influence of Entertainment Media

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Influence of Entertainment Media

20 Oct 2014
Jackie Rose

Influence of Entertainment Media
The three significant forms of visual entertainment media that have shaped our culture are movies, television and video games. These three have been a staple or lifestyle in almost every American household.

Motion pictures have been around since the early twentieth century. During this time movies were the most popular form of entertainment. Movie theaters continued to be the go to form of entertainment until the fifties, when the television came to be. Televisions sets grew in popularity due to their affordability and as a result movie theaters felt the blow. Movie producers had to become more creative in
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Nintendo owns the largest share of video games on the market today. 2004 game sales topped over 1.1 billion according to the NPD group, which is a national marketing organization. The earliest video games were very simple graphic designs. Video games now a days have such advanced designs that the characters in the games are a mirror of reality. Software for video games has brought educational tools as well. The technology in video games also lead the way for virtual reality software. The game player wears special equipment in order to step into the game.

The influence from entertainment media has been both positive and negative. Educational programming for children and step by step videos for adults have been some of the positives. Newer situation comedies and reality television are more attractive to household audiences. Television is always looking for new gimmicks and ways to draw in viewers. The negatives seem to outweigh the positives. With growing relaxation of censorship guidelines and the continuing influence of big money spent by corporations that pay for network programming, we have lost control over what is shown on television. At one time television programming was restricted to when it can show violence or sexual innuendos. Corporations don’t care about family values, all they care about are the rating from the shows. Drama, sex and violence is what adults seem to crave. With a decline in responsible

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