Influence Of Culture In Pop Culture

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How language evolves through Pop Culture

Introduction Shakespeare had immensly influenced the English language in the seventeenth century with his sonnets and plays but today it is Pop Culture that has a profound impact. As society evolves so does language. Language is changing as the way people use it changes and there is a reason we do not talk in Shakespearian English anymore. New words and phrases are constantly being coined while others are dying out. Changes in language have become so rapid that it is extremly difficult to communicate without being up to date with the new terminology that it is neccessary for the modern world. Not only does it show proficiency of language it shows belonging to a certain culture and society. Slang and dialects go as far back as language does and they are a significant part of culture. Some may argue that slang words are ruining the English language and vocabulary thus damaging speakers' literacy competence but by adding more words, the English language is expanding and becoming more enriched. Understanding how pop culture influences the language we speak is important for understanding people and their lives because
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It is evident that the English language is growing and expanding each day through Pop Culture. With new occurrences there is a demand for new words and with communication becoming increasingly informal coming across slang words is inevitable. Nevertheless, it is important to understand the meaning, context and connotations and to pay attention to the setting when using slang words. Even though slang may seem trivial and negligable, it is a vital component of the English language. It indicates what is going on in a specific time period. Since English is spoken around the world it is only natural that it is thriving in society and diversity of

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