Influence Of Consumer Culture On Consumer Society Essay

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In this way, consumer culture events such as the introduction of commercial products that mock the upper class consumer culture illustrates a resistance towards luxury goods in 21st century consumer society. The bag portrayed a strong message that it is just as cool to not be part of the elite that it is to belong to it. In turn, the fashion industry reflected this by introducing elements of ‘common people’ to reflect their new found power over trends. Imitation running shoes and how these lack function and practicality but serve an overarching function to mimic brand status and image. However, it is interesting to note how the activism itself requires a participation within mainstream consumer society. By participating in the consumption of ‘non-mainstream’ products these consumers illustrate elements of ‘consumer activism’. They can also be used as a form of cultural jamming, to use the brands and logos of luxury brands against themselves and replaced them with a lesser quality which cheapens the image of the original brand.
By reinstating this symbolic meaning and reclaiming it, the consumers of the 21st century created a revolution in the power plays of fashion and its social life. In this instance of ‘reversal’ the tote bag can be seen as an “attempt to challenge dominant conceptions of class and gender by reversing the privilege accorded class and gender identities” (Barnard, 154). Barnard further notes how this strategy can however face the problem of being…

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