Influence Of Bonfenbrenner's Ecological Theory

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Bronfenbrenner's ecological theory is not like the rest of the theories. The ecological theory is about the influences that could possibly shape the development of a human. According to it states, “American psychologist, Urie Bronfenbrenner, formulated the Ecological systems theory to explain how the inherent qualities of a child and his environment interact to influence how he will grow and develop.” Bronfenbrenner’s theory has five different influences.
The outside influence is chronosystem, which is the changes in development over time. The books definition of chronosystem is, “ to changes that occur in development circumstances over time, both wit respect to individual development and to historical changes.”
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According to some examples may include, “Suppose a child is more attached to his father than his mother. If the father goes abroad to work for several months, there may be a conflict between the mother and the child’s social relation, or on the other hand, this event may result to a tighter bond between the mother and the child.” The books definition is, “ the exosystem refers to the social institutions that have indirect but potentially important influences on development.”
The next influence in bronfenbrenner’s ecological theory is the mesosystem. According to the book, “The mesosystem is the network of interconnections between the various Microsystems.” If someone grow up in a negative atmosphere than they have a lower chance of developing a positive attitude towards other environments.
The last influence in is the micro system. The definition of this is, “ the microsystem is Bronfenner’s term for the immediate environment, the settings where people experience their daily lives.” Some examples may include their family, classroom, or even their friends. According to is states, “ the theory states that we are not mere recipients of the experiences we have when socializing with these people in the micro system environment, but we are contributing to the construction of such
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As a pediatric physical therapist I will work with children daily in order for the to regain certain abilities back in their lives. Since I will be working with little kids it will make an impact on their life because they are learning new things, or relearning important things like how to walk or crawl. This would be a part of the chronosystem part of Bronfenner’s theory. I will be working daily with these kids, so that is apart of the microsystem. Most of the kids will be needing therapy for an extended time, so that would fall under the chronosystem, which will also leave an impact on them for a very long time. I will have to interact with the kids families, so this will be a part of Bronfenner’s mesosystem.
Overall I think Bronfenner’s ecological theory is easier to understand in everybody's life than some of the other theories and stages. Bronfenner’s ecological theory is not in stages like some of the other theories mentioned in the book, or powerpoint. It is instead about the influences that can help shape the development of humans. The five stages of the Bronfenner’s theory are the microsystem, mesosystem, ecxosystem, macrosystem, and

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