Influence Of Beer Consumption In China

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From the time distribution of beer consumption. Because China 's north and south climate differences, beer consumption behavior has obvious seasonal characteristic, Almost all parts of the country in beer consumption season is concentrated in the summer and autumn. The duration of the season in the south will be longer than north area. This period of beer consumption accounts for over 60% of the total annual sales of beer in beer industry. But on the contrary, consumption is relatively cold and cheerless winter and spring, and the cold season of beer sales became even more depressed.

From the beer consumption function. It is primarily a social intercourse needs, physiological needs after it. Beer consumption in China is mainly focused on
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The main factors influencing the consumers to buy beer

As can be seen from the chart, now China 's consumers to the taste of beer is the most value. The taste of beer, which can be roughly divided into light, mellow, pure, strong, soft, bitter taste and fruit, etc. For consumers in different regions of the taste of the beer consumption is often not the same. Therefore, for beer enterprises.Taste is one important difference between attributes. Especially in the regional brand march to national brands. The first thing to consider is the taste of it is in line with the local consumer tastes around the country, whether to need to be adjusted with the change of
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Consumer of beer brand consumption idea also have vary. Beer is a kind of perceptual fast-moving consumer goods. In the beer products competition, especially in high-grade beer products. Brand is the first determinant.

Compared with the liquor, wine and other alcoholic beverages, beer alternative has obvious advantage on price. The association of American beer Lord Jeff baker said when the economic recession, most people will choose to eat at home. However, with the maturing of consumer psychology and the diversification of consumer demand.Beer enterprise by way of sacrificing profits price war. Is not very effective to attract consumers;In China 's vast rural areas, this method is effective.

Beer consumers in ways to accept advertising information mainly include TV advertisements, posters and pamphlets propaganda leaflets, shop assistant or a waiter to introduce, television ads and stores and personnel recommended as the main channel.

In the case of beer industry promotion practice.Chinese consumers favorite promotion is open the cap may be winning. Second like some practical small gifts.Such as a bottle opener, lighters, etc.These promotional products just meet the related requirements of

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