Influence Of Attachment Styles Throughout Life Essay

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The Influence of Attachment Styles throughout Life Many individuals do not stop to examine the interactions they experience with others around them on a daily basis and the effects that these interactions may have on their lives. Often times, the ways that we communicate and treat others is regarded as unimportant or fully ignored. Countless studies have been conducted on various types of attachment styles, focusing on exposures at infancy, to the parental interactions in the adolescent years, and finally, the results of medical interventions for those who have developed specific attachment styles and how this directly relates to the effectiveness of treatment. In the 1970’s, Mary Ainsworth and John Bowlby began to investigate the natural events taking place between children and their caregivers. After conducting many experiments and analyzing the data collected, Ainsworth and Bowlby discovered that the interactions between the individuals was repeatable and developed the theory of attachment that is now known throughout psychology (MacLeod, 2008). The specific attachment styles that were discovered by Ainsworth and Bowlby can be describes as:
• Secure: child exhibits sdistress when a parent leaves, avoids stranger they’re left with, and is positive and happy when a parent returns.
• Ambivalent: Intense distress when parent leaves, fearful of strangers, approaches parent as they return, but may be avoidant.
• Avoidant: No signs of distress when parent leaves, interacts…

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