Influence Of Art On The Middle Ages Essay

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The Influence of Art in the Middle Ages Art is in a constant state of change, modernized every day, and this has been true since the dawn of artistry. Artwork is inspired by culture, artists have always depicted the world that encircles them at all times. For medieval persons the culture that surrounded them was that of either religion or of the gruesome wars their kings fought. In the span of the Middle Ages art develops into a career and a more prominent degree of quality that leads the public to have a higher appreciation for the arts. Before the sixteenth century art there was a limited variety of artwork, only a handful of people had the time to spend on anything but the basic survival of day to day life. In the early Middle Ages leisure time was an action rare even to the English court, a majority of the remaining art pieces from this time period came from scripture. These illuminated manuscripts were ornately designed in golds and reds, the actual illustrations in the scripture mainly consisted of “a woven braid in gold and red patterned with tiny acanthus leaves and paired animals in repeated series of seven” (Rickert, 1954, p. 35). Apart from this biblical artwork Romanesque art, 1000-1100 A.D., shows painting as vigorous, expressive and is often seen as monstrous. The “poor mans bible” was one such text that expressed such grotesque pictures such as the one above. St. Bernard of Clairvaux expressed his disgust and discomfort in these drawings in his letter of…

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