Influence Of Advertising On Children Essay

813 Words Dec 6th, 2016 4 Pages
Every time a kid watches television or is on some sort of social media they’re being exposed to the many unknown tactics of advertising and marketing done by companies. Since advertisement’s began, one of their main focuses was to persuade children into purchasing their product. Data has proven that children are one of the largest consumers. This is due to the influence companies have over children and their clever marketing skills used to attract children. These young consumers are being trained to purchase the newest gadgets and toys, because they are accustomed to buying products they want. This is especially true for corporations like Mcdonald’s, because they tend to spend huge amounts advertising towards the public, especially children. Like many companies, McDonald’s influences children to buy their products through advertisements and clever marketing techniques, training them to be mass consumers.
For many years it has been known that companies, like McDonald’s, use specific marketing and advertising techniques to persuade children to want to go and get their product. For instance, McDonald’s appeals to kids by using colorful images and using a catchy slogan “I’m lovin’ it”. Companies specifically advertise to the age group between 2 to 18 years of age, because they are known to be heavy consumers and impact how their parents spend their money (Calvert, 2009). Due to kids being heavy consumers, companies use very effective techniques in advertisements targeted…

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