Infidelity Is Very Intriguing Because It Affects The Individuals On A Personal Level

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Think about a beautiful morning where you and your partner just woke up and are having a good time. Then suddenly your partner’s phone starts ringing and you pick up the phone just to find out that it’s the person whom your partner is cheating on you with. At this point, your love and feelings for this person come crashing down on you because you thought he or she was the one. However, could this situation be avoided? Infidelity in a monogamous relationship is a curse to both partners. Not only it ruins the relationship two partners shared, but it affects the individuals on a personal level. The topic of infidelity is very intriguing because it tells a lot about the person’s character. Curiosity behind the reasons why a person cheats on his or her partner always alludes me. Getting cheated on is a hurtful experience especially if the person is really in love with his or her partner. However, based on potential partners’ history of relationships, demographics, religiosity, education, personalities, income and sexual satisfactions has become a way for the individuals to protect themselves and divert themselves from experiencing infidelity. Other questions still arise that what happens if two people are unhappy in a relationship? Would that presumably lead to cheating? Would that make cheating then justified or is cheating never justified under any circumstances? In reality, no one deserves to get cheated on especially if a person can communicate with his or her partner. That…

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