Inference Essay

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What kind of tribe is the Eneon? We do not have much information about this tribe as the anthropologists had just found out their existence. We only have limited information we received from the anthropologists. The information are based on the environment and climate they live in, the food they eat, their family and children, books and arts and their social aspect and attitudes toward war that the Eneon tribe are live in. According to the report provided by the anthropologists about Eneon, there are three words for “terrain” designating “absolutely flat,” ”rolling,” and “slightly hilly”. Therefore they all live in a place that is surrounded by hills. As hills surround them they do not know the existence of the ocean, perhaps they do not …show more content…
We can then further assume that is the reason why they do not have word for violence and war, as the peacemaker is taking care of such situation to prevent bad situations to happen. With all this information, there is a possibility that, they have experienced a war in the past and that there are many children that are left behind and only very few adults have survived. Therefore, the adults want to protect these children from this violence and war, so they have moved them to area where they will not meet the outside world. That may be the cause of them not having the word ocean. Adults could be calling the children the “wise, small one” “innocent leader” and “little stargazer”, for the meaning of them to be able to create a tribe that does not have any violent conflict and war. Also, as it has been mentioned above they may have a peacemaker to prevent bad situations from happening. There are still many aspects, which we are unable to discover, but this could be one of the examples as to why they are living their life in this kind of environment. By using the information we have gathered about Eneon, we have predict the area that they are living in, their daily meals, family and children, books and arts and how their social system works and their thoughts about war. With all these information it feels that they are enjoying their life, it may be interesting to live with them for a short time, maybe instead of living

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