Infectious Diseases Are Spread Through Four Methods Of Transmission They Are

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Infectious Diseases
Infectious diseases are spread through four methods of transmission they are
1. Respiratory tract transmission
2. Fecal-Oral transmission
3. Direct contact transmission
4. Blood contact transmission
Respiratory tract
Infectious diseases are transmitted via respiratory tract and they can range from a mild cold to many life threatening diseases. This is the most common method of transmission of infectious diseases in an early childhood environment.
Germs pass through the air from the respiratory tract of the infected person to another person when they breathe the infected air.
Droplet Spread
Tiny droplets from an infected person or a child from the eyes, nose or mouth get into the air when the person or child sneezes, blowing nose, drools, coughs or even talking and they get into another person when they breathe the infected air. This is called as droplet spread and this the main way the illness spread. These droplets may also land on furniture, toys, blankets and other stuff in the environment and when the other person comes into contact germs can spread and they get infected.
Children below three years old are get infected more because of respiratory tract infections as they have less immunization and still developing hygiene habits.
It is always a best practice to disinfect toys, wash clothes and other dresses, things cannot be washed needs to be run in the dryer, mouthed toys should be disinfected, teaching children hygiene habits, sanitary practices…

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