Infectious Disease, Still A Leading Killer Essay

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I. Introduction
A. Statistics about infectious disease, still a leading killer in the world
1. Despite new technology and prosperity, still a main threat
2. People believe it is a problem of the past, but it is not
B. By mid-20th century most experts had declared the war against infectious diseases was over
1. Overly optimistic, infectious diseases have been reemerging
2. Complacency followed and it is a shock how devastating infectious diseases have been since the start of the 21st century
3. Many new diseases being discovered and resurgence of diseases that were dormant for a while
C. The reemergence of infectious diseases can be attributed to current weather and environmental changes, technological and economic growth, population changes, and political disturbances. Until these issues are addressed, the battle against the emergence and reemergence of infectious diseases will continue.
II. Weather and Environmental Changes
A. Climate Changes
1. Trend of global warming
a) Warmer temperatures are better for disease transmission
b) Expand environment that is suitable to biological vectors (mosquitos)
2. Trend to more extreme weather patterns
a) Severe rain leads to more biological vectors
b) Natural disasters create an environment where disease transmission flourishes
(1) Poor sanitation and poor living conditions
(2) Disruption of public health measures
B. Environmental Changes
1. Deforestation leads to more contact between humans and species that carry infectious…

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