Romeo And Juliet Infatuation Analysis

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‘Romeo and Juliet’ is the most popular and tragic love-story, written by William Shakespeare in 1599.Romeo and Juliet is the tale of two lovers, Romeo and Juliet, who take their lives for each other when their love get hinder from their quarreling parents. Many , all over the world consider and hail the play as the most touching story of all time ever told .Probably, that is why the play has gotten translation into so many other languages.
Despite the play is still considered as a role model in the real life of love, it does not mean the story goes away without critical discussions. Based on that, this essay is going to analyze and answer if the love between Romeo and Juliet in the story is real one or just infatuation. In relation to
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In a similar manner, Romeo’s love to Juliet is also just infatuation. Romeo passionately expresses not only his feeling of love to Rosaline but also he describes her beauty as incomparable to anyone. While talking to his friend, Benvolio, he said ‘’One fairer than my love? / The all-seeing sun / Ne'er saw her match since first the world begun.’’ (Shakespeare Romeo and Juliet 1. 2. 94-95). However, after a period of short time, when he sees Juliet at the party, he changes his mind immediately. If he really is in love with Rosaline, he cannot be so quick to express his feelings of romance towards Juliet; he even aspires to touch her hand. Besides, he wonders if he has ever loved someone before, because he gets attracted for Juliet’s beauty. Moreover, he describes her, in a dramatic way, that she is the most beautiful woman (1.5.44-53). This means that Romeo was never in love with Rosaline. Romeo does not even know who Juliet is, but he talks about her love. In this case, Romeo’s stand shows that he is solely attracted to Juliet’s beauty. Obviously, this situation gives a clear picture that he has a feeling of infatuation for Juliet too. Likewise, Juliet has known Romeo for only hours,’’ My bounty is as boundless as the sea / my love as deep. The more I give the thee / the more I have for both are infinite’’ …show more content…
How does one ask for marriage before they know each other well? In the story, after Romeo explains his new love for Juliet and his intention of marrying her, Friar Lawrence discloses his objection shockingly because of his sudden shift from Rosaline to Juliet (2.3.57-69). It is clear, here, how much Romeo is uncertain and goes as far to the quick marriage proposal. She also proposes that they marry the next day. Juliet asks Romeo what time they will meet and marry. When he tells her the exact time of the marriage, her reply: ‘I will not fail, Tis twenty years till then’’ (2.2.173) shows exaggeration and hastiness. Despite the agreement of marriage is from both sides, their rashness to the decision makes their relationship as being infatuated.
However, some may think that Romeo and Juliet have real love because they commit suicide at the end. Rather, it is the time that makes the love looks like the real one. Time is only thing which was in their side. They lived short time. They didn’t have grown together, no test, they are lucky to go so

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