Infanticide Is The Killing Of A Child Within A Year Of Birth Essay

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In fact, this procedure is very much true. Throughout Spartan history, babies were brought to the council by their parents, for an inspection. This inspection would now be called infanticide. Infanticide is the killing of a child within a year of birth. During the inspection, council men who are generally sixty years old or older would check for any deformities in the children before deciding if they were fit to be a Spartan. The inspection determined their fate. Would they grow up to be a strong Spartan warrior or cast over the hillside?

In this scene, a Persian emissary asks to speak to King Leonidas as he was training Pleistarchus. As the messenger tries to persuade King Leonidas to submit to King Xerxes, he mentions how King Xerxes "conquers everything he lay his eyes on." King Xerxes wants an offering of "Earth and Water" from King Leonidas. King Leonidas says "Submission?", and shakes his head no. And states that the two have a problem. He then brings up how the Athenians turned Persia down in helping them. The messenger indicates how King Leonidas should choose his words wisely, because they may be his last as king. Leonidas turns to think, and then looks back at his Queen, Queen Gorge, and then says the words "Earth and Water". He draws his sword on the messenger, threatening him into the bottomless pit. No doubt, the rest of Spartan men drew their swords, and the messenger calls the Leonidas a "Madman." Leonidas explains how his city steps, as well as his…

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