Infant Abductors Essay

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The abduction of infants throughout the United States is not a crime that is very frequent in our society. This is mainly because the process of abducting an infant involves massive amounts of planning and coordination to pull it off successfully. Manipulation and dominance can be causal factors in motivating infant abductions. Infant abductors are known to act in response to manipulative demands from a partner. The typical infant abductor, primarily recognized as female, will display certain psychological characteristics such as selfishness, lying, deception and manipulation. Infant abductors strive to please their own selfish needs or the needs of a partner or family member through any means possible. These abductors can be manipulated
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If the abductor is seeking an infant from a hospital or healthcare facility, it is known that abductors will dress in scrubs and or uniforms that resemble staff working in these areas. This provides the abductor the best chance to get close to the infant without suspicion arising. The offender will either pretend to be nursing staff or begin to question the internal and external workings of the facility. Once the outline of the facility is studied, the abductor will plan to use rapid means of departure (Refer to Appendix C). If the abductor is seeking an infant from a home, a different approach will usually be taken. The offender normally has a much closer relationship with the infant’s family. The would-be abductor will study the daily schedules of the victims in attempt to properly plan out the abduction. Infant abductions in a home setting can especially turn more violent than in a hospital if the abductor is caught in the act. Abductors are known to be much more aggressive or even kill the infant’s family in attempt to obtain the infant. Between the years 1983-2015, approximately 31% of home related infant abductions have resulted in violence toward the mother (NCMEC, 2016). In an effort to prevent infant abductions in the home, the National Center For Missing & Exploited Children recommends having one or more pictures of the infant, acquire a set of footprints, and announce the birth of the infant to friends and family (only once the infant is home) (NCMEC,

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