Inf 620 Week 5 Dq 2 Essay examples

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Week 5 Assignment
Jack Harrison INF 620 Management of Information Systems
Professor Chiji Ohayia
January 14, 2013

This paper is to fulfill the requirements for week five assignment, specifically to analyze a business task that could like to computerize. To show how one could use the steps of the information systems development life cycle as illustrated in Figure 12.3(O’Brien, p.486), to include operational feasibility, technical feasibility and legal/political feasibility (Fig. 12.4) as it applies to the business. This paper will also discuss the five phases of project management as shown in figure 12.20 (O’Brien, p.507). This paper will include possible task as an example of
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Monitor, evaluate and track progress of changes. Adapt process as necessary to improve the procedure.

One area that the company could benefit in computerize would be initial issue of equipment. Currently equipment is brought in from storage. The equipment is then visually inspected any physical damage is noted and recorded. Then the technician analyzes the condition of the unit, conduct basic testing such as continuity checks. Then the technician will review the Engineering Change Orders (ECO’s) and other equipment upgrades that will be made. The technician will then place the necessary parts on order. This requires the technician research the required materials to determine valid part numbers. Then the technician enters the order the necessary material the data into supply system. The equipment is then reassembled and placed into A Waiting Part (AWP) status. When the logistic department receives the order, they verify part number, checking to see if the materials are available, and charging the appropriate contract. If the material is not in stock, they will the necessary actions to acquire the required materials. If the material is available then they process the order request, and send the request to the appropriate stockroom. The stockrooms will then pull the materials, update the inventory database and deliver the materials to the requesting work center, who then deliver the materials to the

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