Inevitability Of Scarcity

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The Inevitability of Scarcity
What is scarcity, does it really exist, and if it does exist what can we do to make it go away? Scarcity in a nutshell is having more wants and needs than there are materials to support those desires. We as humans have unlimited desires and needs, but with so many on this earth, not everyone is created equal. From the beginning of time you have people of wealth that span from the richest and spiral down through middle class, until you reach poverty and reach the poorest of the poor. People will argue about whether scarcity is bad or good for the economy, but either way you look at it I don 't. I will argue why I think scarcity exists, and will probably exists for at least the rest of my time on each.
Scarcity has been an issue from the beginning of time even though the population of the world has been rising from the first day humans walked this earth. Economist’s usually have a goal of viewing the functioning of the economy and attempting to learn through observations and studies why humans do what they do during different economical situations. Any way you want to put it or try to define it, scarcity usually comes into play when discussing the economy. Until someone comes up with a magical machine that will give
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I don’t see how scarcity will ever disappear with the magical resource dispensing machine of our dreams. With the declining natural energy resources we have had developed ways to use agriculture resources for fuel, and although this helps with our energy needs, it doesn’t help the needs of some many people who go hungry every day. It would be nice to say there is a fix it all solution, but unfortunately life doesn’t work that way. Take into consideration if there is a huge drought and most farmers produce minimal crops. When this happens prices go up and people have to decide what to

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