Inequity Issues In Burundi

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Burundi is situated in the continent of Africa and the capital city of Burundi is Bujumbura. Rwanda, Tanzania and Democratic Republic of the Congo are its neighbouring countries. 62.1% of people in Burundi are catholic because Christianity is Burundi’s main religion. The population is divided into two main groups called the Hutu and the Tutsi. Hutu forms around 85% of the Burundian population and Tutsi takes up around 14%. In 1993-2005 there was a civil war between Hutu and Tutsi and around 400 people died while around 200,000 people fled to the neighbouring countries. Issue 1:There are many inequity issues that affect Burundi, including the access to safe water because unlike other countries, Burundi has a lack of water resources.
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The access to food is the second issue that will be discussed. Access to food is the access to safe, nutritious food to maintain a healthy life. It is an issue in Burundi because the plots of land used to be big enough for a house and some farming land and over a decade, Burundi has gained 40% more people. In 1970 the estimation was that people used to own around nine to twelve acres, but today it's shrunk to just over 1 acre. Burundi had the severest hunger and malnourishment rates of all 120 countries ranked, and as the land gets cut into smaller and smaller pieces, the pressure intensifies. Agriculture is the backbone of Burundi’s economy. 90% of Burundians are farmers who use their crops to feed their family and for money. Burundi has had 15 years all up of civil war, the Burundians are poor and they have also had some climatic shocks. This has not had a very good impact on Burundi’s economy and nutrition. Only 28% of the population has a reliable access to food and the other 58% are chronically malnourished. Over the years, food security has not improved. During harvest time, Burundians still spend around 2 thirds of their money on food but Burundi is one of the most affected with high food prices. Actions by individuals: Individuals can help raise money for Burundi by setting up fundraisers for different organisations, raising awareness, and donating to organisations like ‘World Food Program’. Actions by groups: The mission of World Food Program is to end global hunger. Every day, they work worldwide to ensure that no child goes to bed hungry and that children, can access the food they need. Actions by

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