Inequality Of The World Around Us By Ronald Takaki 's Book Strangers From A Different Shore

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Inequality The world around us is comprised of unequal social factors in all ages and periods, and inequality is preeminently shown in economics. In the past, inequality was mainly reflected by gender discrimination and racial discrimination. In the present, inequality is revealed by class-ism, a prejudice on the basis of social class. All these discriminations and inequalities were actually created by profits. Besides, inequality will not be disappeared shortly. In the past, white Americans used racial hierarchy to maximize their profits. In other words, inequality was a tool to help the specific ethnic group be wealthier. According to Ronald Takaki’s book Strangers from A Different Shore, in 1852, during the Gold Rush period, the legislature passed the foreign miners’ license tax. By this tax law, California government collected $5 million from the Chinese, which were around 25 to 50 percent of all state revenue (Takaki 82). From the unequal treaty, the government could increase its revenue, and the increase of government revenue actually could lead to the increase of expenditure. However, due to the heavy tax applied to the Chinese, profits of the Chinese in gold mining decreased. The contrast reflected that the economy was full of inequality, and the inequality was caused by profits. Even for the governors, they also focused on their own profits and benefits, and they never considered of the immigrants’ behoof. As government kept gaining wealth from the immigrants,…

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