Inequality Is Not Just About Race And Ethnicity Essay

1679 Words Jul 21st, 2016 null Page
The U.S. leads developed countries in income inequality (Sherman, E., 2015, September 30). Inequality is not just about race and ethnicity; it includes gender and age, class and socioeconomic status. What is the thread that connects these many facets together? Income, but more specifically, poverty. Poverty can be found in every race, ethnicity, gender and age. People in poverty are less likely to have attended college, they are less likely to have graduated from high school, and are less likely to earn more than $19,540 annually, well below the poverty rate (Hyatt, MSW, S., Walzer, MSW, B., & Julianelle, JD, P., 2014).
Living in California there are myriad of underserved populations, including race, exceptional, abused, child neglect, and the mentally challenged, but there is another group, the homeless population and specifically women and women with children who are also underserved and have been displaced due to domestic violence, loss of income, war, and sickness. This segment of the population can be seen on the streets, sleeping under freeway overpasses, in their cars parked in parking lots after hours and sometimes in the bushes near the trails where I run. The children who are homeless will face additional challenges on a daily basis, such as nutrition, schooling, hygiene as well as the stigma of being homeless and living in poverty, an inequality that is too often forgotten. According to the census bureau, California has the nation’s highest rate of poverty with…

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