Inequality Is Not A New Concept Essay

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In a country that is often recognized for its equal rights, vast majorities of the United States population face pressing social issues that disrupt their daily lives. Of these issues income inequality is something that affects(?) majority of the country. Inequality is not a new concept, in fact it has affected(?) millions of people across the world and is a political conflict in every nation. In the United States however, its measures don 't reflect our country 's healthy economy.
Due to the extremely uneven distribution of wealth in the United States, inequality rates are not parallel with what is to be expected of a high income country like ours. As the steps of the economic ladder move further apart it seems as though it will only get harder to climb them. Opportunities for upward mobility seem to be lessening, which is an important aspect in the growth of our country. Stacking the cards against the middle and lower class widens the gap between the rich and poor.
On the other side many view inequality as a positive; a signal of a healthy economy, one that in the end will help everyone. In fact, some people conclude that a thriving economy needs income inequality since it is the wealthy who invest in the innovation that benefits the society as a whole. As one of the key players of the historical forces discussed in our class, inequality can take on many forms. For the purpose of this paper, I will discuss income inequality and its measures in the United States, the main…

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