Woman By Woman Analysis

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After watching “Woman by Woman” I am extremely shocked; I never really knew how or why India was in such poverty and now it all makes sense. Men and women in India believe it is a social norm for the women and little girls to be segregated and treated like scrap. I couldn’t believe that a little girl whose bones were still growing was performing hard manual labor for her family. It was also outrageous that the families repeatedly had children until they had a boy. India suffers from extreme population growth and contains one-sixth of the world’s population. In about forty years that number could double. In India, patriarchy appears to be a social norm and leads to the mistreatment of women and girls. This is why the families never stop having …show more content…
In these organizations I noticed a lot of effort towards counseling. Women would work with their husbands and are treated with equality among men and other women. One of the reasons progress has been slow is that daughter in laws are often treated by their in laws as unpaid labor. Now Rajkumari, a woman inside the organization believes her daughter is just as important to her as her son is. This is a huge step in breaking tradition and the social norms of India. If family planning is to succeed in India then attitudes of both Men and women are essential. I am very happy for Sarita, the woman that is taking a stand for her country and trying to change things for women and create gender equality. She works alongside her husband on a daily basis. This is something that is not supposed to happen. Sarita hopes to have young girls to be treated equal to the boys in education so that women can take the next step forward. Her main goal is to have women make their own decisions and gain knowledge to influence the next …show more content…
The theory believes that those with wealth and power try to hold on to it any way possible, usually by restricting the poor and powerless. I saw a lot of conflict within the video between men and women. The men are in power in India and the women are treated as slaves. Now that the women are trying to become equal, the men are upset and won’t have any of this nonsense. The men were the people with the money and they relied on the women to do the labor to produce the money for the men. The men needed the women but they would never admit it because they would lose some power. The women noticed they were being exploited then would unite to create a class consensus which would make them stronger together to over throw the stronger and more powerful men. The men have a thesis, this is what it’s called when a group likes the way things are and don’t want to change it. The women create an anti-thesis to fight against the social norms they do not like and hopefully get equal rights. The battle between thesis and anti-thesis will eventually create a compromise, which we call a synthesis. This is when the women stand up for their selves and start becoming the things the men said they cannot become or do. For example, women could not visit a doctor or become one, but within the organizations helping the women in India

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