Domestic Workers Inequality

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The Inequality and Abuse of Domestic Workers
Unknown to a majority of people, many injustices are faced by immigrant women who come to America looking for domestic work. The women are unequally treated with low pay and harsh working conditions because of their gender, race, and culture differences. America deems itself a land of freedom and equality, but why does that stop when dealing with foreign newcomers?
Immigrant domestic workers who face inequality and abuse are in need of help in America. As a nation that founded itself on equality and freedom, those findings need to be practiced and exercised for everyone, including immigrants to America. In foreign countries, the men in the family never help the women or have to work away from
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However, inequality of women has merely been pushed from a local level to a global one (Steven 1). Also, Americans already give themselves a sense of power over someone of a different race due to slavery being the norm during the time of the Civil War (Byrd 7), thus making the difficulties faced by immigrant women of domestic work all the more harsh. Firstly, many of the domestic workers that come to America are undocumented (not the main point of this paper), which is where the abuse ultimately starts. Employers will hire the undocumented workers or even be the ones to smuggle the workers to America themselves, knowing that it is illegal (Byrd 10). With every undocumented worker comes the fear of deportation, which is a constant reminder to them by their employer and themselves; therefore, starting off the employment with abuse of authority. The National Labor Relations Act (NLRA), is a program that is designed to somewhat help undocumented workers, but with the unknowing of the requirements and the continuous fear of being sent home with nothing to give their families keeps the women at their employer’s whim (Byrd 2, 10). For both legal and illegal workers, once starting the work assigned to them, they receive little to no pay, especially if they live in the home of their employer. The employer thinks that providing them with …show more content…
The problem is the treatment of the domestic workers. Barely any support or attention is brought to the subject or is realized my others who could make a difference in the treatment of the working women who only want to help their families that they have left

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