Essay on Inequality By Rousseau On Inequality

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Inequality According to Rousseau In his Discourse on Inequality Rousseau strips humankind down to its initial state in an attempt to find the foundation of inequality. He pursues this foundation in hopes of being able to answer his larger question, when was the “moment at which right took the place of violence and nature became subject to law”. In other words, when does natural law give way to inequality. This paper will provide a comprehensive look at Rousseau’s attempt at answering that question and discovering the origins of inequality, while elaborating on some of the deficiencies of his arguments.
The Dedication Rousseau writes a lengthy dedication to begin this essay. The recipient of his dedication is the Republic of Geneva. Right from the start, he begins to heap praise on the lords and their state, admitting how honored he is to be citizen of such a glorious nation. He goes on to paint his homeland as the epitome of civilized society. The excellence of the nation rests with the balance of the two types of inequality, Rousseau insists. The types of inequality that affect humankind are what he intends of elaborating on in his essay and he states that here. Rousseau’s views Geneva, as the best out there; however, was his view grounded in the true reality of the nation? The answer to that question seems to be his pride and aspirations of placing himself back in the good graces of the Genevian leadership clouds his view. While Rousseau takes care to mention how…

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