Essay Inequality Between Genders And Gender Inequality

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Inequality between genders has been a factor facing society since its partuition. Gender, a term that represents your binary, classifies every individual as either male or female. Inequality of gender inclused, but is not limited to, social, economic, and cultural factors that are different due to the gender you classify yourself as. Even Even by respecting the 'Different but Equal ' slogan, there is not concrete way to solve gender inequality. The ideas and concepts behind these differences have been ingraned in our minds for countless centuries by our ancestors. “The global order is deeply genger-stratifies: women remain subordinate to men in terms of power, income and wealth and cultural influence (…lynch,207) Though many ideas and laws have been implemented to make these different hierarchial ideas behind gender diminish, they have yet to work Social learning theory has taught us to think of individuals as who they are instead of the gender they identify with, there truly is a distinction and difference between genders.


Ever since we were children we grew up knowing that a difference between males and females. “Social scientists, today, generally agree that group-level inequalities between populations are socially constructed: they are not a result of innate differences in the superiority/inferiority of group attributes of populations” (Kallen, 31). Society has influenced the gender gap that exists today. Girls are taught to play with dolls…

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